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Ryazan, my city

Melnichikhina Alexandra, Form 6b
Учитель Жильцова Нина Петровна
МАОУ «Лицей № 4», г. Рязань

I am from Ryazan and I like this city. It is a beautiful place to live in. I like to go for a walk about my city with my parents and friends. Sometimes we go to the famous places. They are Lenin Square , Pervomuisky Avenue, Lenin Street, the Kremlin, Theatre Square, Esenin Street, Saltykov- Schedrin Street, Svoboda Square and others. A lot of famous people were born in Ryazan. They are K.Tsiolkovskiy, I. Pavlov, S. Esenin , Polonskiy . When I go for a walk I see a lot of monuments. These are monuments to I.Pavlov, K. Tsiolkovsiy, S. Esenin, V. Lenin, Yevpatiy Kolovrat and others. Besides there are a lot of museums in Ryazan. They are: the former house of Saltykov- Schedrin , the house museum of S.Esenin and Pozhalostin , the summer club of the Nobility Club , Ryazan governor ' s house , the museum of Young People ' s Movement.
My favorite place in Ryazan is the Kremlin. There is no doubt that the most ancient part of the city territory is the Ryazan Kremlin. The Kremlin is an architectural monument of the 17-19th centuries. Now the Kremlin is surrounded by a nice park. My friend and I like to go for a walk near the Kremlin. We run and play hide-and-seek there. In winter we go skiing in this place because my school is near this place.
I live in Esenin Street and I like it. I know that a few decades ago Esenin Street was the border of the southern part of Ryazan and was called Ryazhskaya street. Now it is one of the most beautiful streets in the city. If you go along Esenin Street you are sure to come to the city stadium near Ryazan City Park.
I love my city, and I do not know what I will do without it.


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