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Kemerovo: Tomskaya Pisanitsa

Покасова Светлана Владимировна,
Ерофеева Александра Алексеевна,
МБНОУ «Городской классический лицей» г. Кемерово

Have you ever wondered how our ancestors lived? The unique world of Tomskaya Pisanitsa will be the right place for you. Travelling in this direction, you can’t but admire the beauty of our nature with its pine, birch and fur forests, deep rivers, wide fields and wild animals. Tomskaya Pisanitsa is an open-air museum, which is situated on the right bank of the river Tom in Yashkino area. The museum Tomskaya Pisanitsa was founded in 1988. It is only 50 km from the city but it is the place of great popularity with locals and guests. It occupies the vast territory of 140 hectares. Unusual historical monuments are concentrated in open-air there; the oldest of them dates back to the 4 century BC. It is a wonderful opportunity to see its 300 rare cave paintings and also dwellings, household appliances and military equipment of ancient people. The Governor Tuleev erected a wooden chapel on its territory in 2008, which was named in honor of the Saints Mefodiy and Cyril. Its height is 33 meters.
There you will enjoy the majestic scenery and unspoilt wildlife. It is the only stationary zoo in Kemerovo region. Different holidays and festivals such as the Maslenitsa carnival, Easter and Christmas are celebrated there annually. You can take an active part participating in parades, open-air performances and competitions; drink free tea in Governor’s cafes or help yourself to tasty pancakes stuffed with various fillings. In summer one will have a great fun boating, cycling, riding a horse and driving the off-road buggy. In winter you will be suggested skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. Tomskaya Pisanitsa today is the dynamically developing cultural complex, one of the most favourite leisure centers in Kuzbass. It is the residence of Father the Frost in Kemerovo region.


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