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The Bolshoi theatre village

Ивановский Герман Сергеевич
Школа №3 города Апрелевка
Наро-Фоминского р-на Московской области,
5 класс «Б»

Мне 11 лет. Мне нравится путешествовать и узнавать, как живут люди в других городах и странах, поэтому хочу выучить как можно больше иностранных языков. Сейчас я изучаю в школе английский язык. Дома начал заниматься немецким языком и надеюсь в скором времени взяться за изучение итальянского языка. Я занимаюсь спортивным плаванием и учусь в музыкальной школе по классу фортепиано.

I live in the country, in the Bolshoi Theatre village. It’s nearby Aprelevka town. Aprelevka itself is about forty kilometers south-west from Moscow. This area is one of the most beautiful places of Moscow region.
Our village is rather old. The most of country houses were built more than half a century ago. In the fifties of the 20-th century many famous artists of the Bolshoi Theatre (S.Lemeshev, A.Grigoriev, F.Krivchenya and others) built their country houses on the Desna river bank in the middle of the forest. My great-grandfather Vladimir Ivanovsky was among them. In those years Ivanovsky was the leading tenor of the Bolshoi Theatre. He sang at a lot of operas, both of Russian and foreign composers, but his favourite role was German, the main hero of P.Tchaikovsky opera “The Queen of Spades”. Vladimir Ivanovsky was known as the best “Herman” in the theatre and got the title of People’s Artist of Russian Federative Soviet Republic.
At first there were only small summer houses in the Bolshoi Theatre village but gradually their owners improved and reconstructed them. Surely nowadays an appearance of the Bolshoi Theatre village has changed very much, but our country house still keeps its original form and I like it very much I’m glad to live in the village! In spring I admire apple blossom, in summer there are a lot of beautiful flowers and sweet berries in our garden. In autumn we can eat a lot of tasty apples and in winter we play snowballs, make a snowmfn and go down a slide. Our village is surrounded by forest and we often go there to pick mushrooms in summer and to ski in winter. There is a small pond in the centre of our village which is covered with ice in winter and I skate there almost every day. Besides of all there are many places of interest and ancient monuments not far from our village.
I like the place I live in very much!

  • Our Parkovaya street in winter
  • This is my picture
  • My country house
  • Desna river in winter
  • Ruins of  Demidov’s  estate “Petrovskoe” in Alabino village.  This manor house was designed by well known architect Michael Kazakov in the first quarter of the 17th century.


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