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Zabaikalsky Krai Red Book

Ивасенко Екатерина Александровна
6а класс
МБОУ СОШ №49 г.Чита
Забайкальский край
Учитель Рюмина Наталья Ивановна

Regional Red Data Books began to appear in the second half of the 1980ies. In Zabaikalsky Krai we have rich flora and fauna due to the unique diversity of landscape and natural zones. Different animals inhabit our forests: sable, weasel, lynx, ermine, brown bear, reindeer, etc. In forest-steppe and steppe regions – badger, wolf, ground squirrel, hare, chipmunk. There are many birds: grouse, hazel grouse, black grouse, crane, bustard, etc. I love animals and I can’t be indifferent to them. I always feed birds in winter, look after my own pets, and take them to the hospital, for a walk. I am sorry for endangered animals and birds of my region .Unfortunately I can’t do anything serious to help them. The main reason why animals disappear is the destruction of their habitat. Forests are destroyed by fires, people cut down trees to make paper, to build houses….They do it for profit and don’t care for nature.
The Red Book plants are: Siberian barberries, apricot, lilies…There are many species of rare animals and birds: Siberian tiger, snow leopard, mountain sheep and red wolf….Four kinds of animals are recorded in the International Red Book (manul, Daurian hedgehog, Mongolian marmot, dzeren). There are about 200rare species of animals and 225species of plants in our Book. The list of endangered animals is long: dseren, amursky tiger, snow leopard, bighorn, argali, red wolf, otter, manul, daurian hedgehog, matmot, bustard, geese and others. The last Zabaikalsky Krai Red Book was published in 2002. It will be republished in 2012.


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