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Orenburg, interesting places

Коротова Наталья Анатольевна
МОБУ «Лицей № 1»
Учитель английского языка
высшей квалификационной категории

I live in Orenburg and adore its history full of many interesting events.
Towns are like people and live their own lives, have their own biographies and even celebrate their birthdays. The stone monument in Sovetskaya Street says that Orenburg was founded in 1743.
There is a park with the monument to Alexander Pushkin and Vladimir Dahl nearby. Both names are connected with Orenburg. Vladimir Dahl was an official of special affairs and worked here for a while. Travelling a lot around and compiling material for his famous “Dictionary of the Russian Language” Dahl once said that 80 % of the words in his dictionary had been discovered in Orenburg region, as our place is really a multinational one. Alexander Pushkin visited Orenburg twice to learn about Pugachov’s riot. Vasily Zhukovsky, Leo Tolstoy, Taras Shevchenko were in Orenburg, too. Ivan Krylov spent his childhood here, Derzhavin, Karamzin and Aksakov had their estates in the region as well.
Next to the park the clock tower and its lovely melody striking each hour remind us that time flies away too fast indeed.
Sovetskaya Street is the history itself. It was born together with the town and its name was changed several times. At first it had the name of Bolshaya. Then it received the name of Gubernskaya. In the middle of the XIX th century the street became Nikolayevskaya. Since the summer of 1919 the street has had the name of Sovetskaya. In the 90s there were attempts of changing its name into Nikolayevskaya again, but they failed. However, this name sounds each spring due to the students’ theatres performances under the motto “In Nikolayevskaya!”
At the end of Sovetskaya Street there is the Ural River quay with The Ural Grove on the other bank, the favourite place of the citizens in summer. But, first of all, the River Ural is a natural border between Europe and Asia. Take 254 steps down, cross the bridge and you are in Asia. Isn’t it fun?
Welcome to Orenburg and find it out yourselves!


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