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Some History about My Town Chita

Рюмина Екатерина Александровна
11а класс МБОУ СОШ №49 г.Чита
Забайкальский край
Учитель Рюмина Наталья Ивановна

Many years ago there used to be Atamanskaya Square in front of the Chita Railway Station. It looked like a waste plot of land covered with grass and yellow- black sand that could be easily turned into dust by the wind. Wood fencing and some gas torches around…There used to be many constructions around the square: “Ataman’s palace”, Military Assembly House, Cossacks Government House, the Railway Station and Amurskaya Railway Administration, Customs Office and Cossacks’ restaurant ”Kazbek”. Soon all the constructions were pulled down. The square was called Atamanskaya because of Ataman’s House built there.
The military chapel built of stone and surrounded by a tidy garden in honour of St. Alexander Nevsky beautified the square. It was destroyed and the place turned into the dirty railway station square with many beer stalls. For many years the stadium “Trud” was situated there. Children with their parents used to come here to do some sport. Nowadays the God’s temple is built here – Kazan Cathedral. One of its side chapels bears the name of saint patron Alexander Nevsky. Atamanskaya Square was called Freedom Square in February 1917. May workers’ meeting and the first May Parade (1921) were held there. In March 1918 the obelisk to Red Guards who died in the struggle with ataman Semyonov was erected there. It was designed by Roden’s pupil I.N.Zhukov. Unfortunately the memorial was not preserved. In July 27, 1923 the meeting and the parade was organized in Freedom Square to welcome the Russian leader M.I.Kalinin in our town. Despite its simplicity Atamanskaya square used to be a town square for nearly 150 years. It witnessed many important events.


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