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Pskov, history

My name is Anastasia Toropova.
I am 15 years old.
I have been living in Pskov
since I was born here.
I study at school №23.

I am fond of dancing, swimming and playing volleyball. I am interested in foreign languages, and I am eager to take part in the project "Our country - is our heritage!"

Every person has their own favourite places. Most often it is the place where he or she was born or spent a lot of life time. As for me, it is Pskov. It is not a large city. The streets are not wide, the buildings are not high. Pskov can really be considered a true Russian city. Each tower here has a legend of its own, each street has its own history. And when you come to know this history, our city will come alive for you.
The foundation of Pskov is connected with a romantic meeting of Prince Igor and young beauty Olga who lived not far from Pskov. The Prince did not forget this meeting and sent match-makers to Olga. She married him and became the Great Kievan Princess.
After her husband`s death Olga decided to visit her motherland. Big and strong oarsmen were rowing a boat down the Velikaya-river towards the homeland. The day was declining. The boat landed and Olga stepped on the native land and began to pray. All of a sudden three bright rays threw light down on the cape ahead. That dazzling golden light was like God`s blessing pouring on the earth. Olga jumped to her feet, stricken by what she saw. And she said: "Here, at this very place I will build Holy Trinity Cathedral!"
Many years have passed but the Holy Trinity Cathedral is still the most important and favourite place for all Pskovites. Every weekend I take my little sister there and tell her about the glorious history of Pskov.
I hope that in future Pskovites will never forget the history of Pskov and people who brought fame to our city, who first founded it, then defended their homeland from enemies.
If some time I have to leave Pskov, I will miss it greatly.


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