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Adventures in Mashkinskiy Park

Kate Konnova, 12 years.
6 «V» class, school 1298.
Teacher: Marina Vladimirovna.

My name is Kate,I am twelve years old and I have recently moved to Kurkino. Before I lived in an amazing place called Novokosino and I did not want to move away. But as soon as I arrived here my opinion about this place changed. Earlier I thought that Kurkino is an awfully boring place and that I will not like to live there, but actually it is a very nice place to live. Here is such pure air, such green lawns and here is no polluting factories. But it is not all, here I found lots of new devoted friends. And I really like to walk with them. We have our favourite place in Kurkino, it is a beautiful park called Mashkinskiy Park. It is huge and it seems to go on forever. We like to take with us some food and something to drink and make a picnic there. It is really good to come there in winter and make lots of amazing fotos. It is very beautiful there during this time. Or we can go to River Shodnya valley. When we were in the second class, we with our teacher used to come there and make picnics, too. Once one guy from our class dropped his boot into the river and then ran on a watercourse, hoping to catch a boot. It was very funny. And still we have lots of beautiful, unusual and remarkable places with which we are connected by memories, I can not list all of them. I can just say that I love where I live, I love Kurkino,with it I am connected by much. It is my native land!


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