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Анастасия Валиева,
Город Псков,
Школа номер 23 с углубленным изучением английского языка

What can you imagine, when you hear the word Russia? Maybe a great country that occupies the largest part of the continent? Or large industrial cities with factories? Well I imagine a beautiful city in Siberia. The name of this city is Rubtsovsk.
If you live there for a week, you’ll never want to go away. It is a wonderful place with very clean air and dense forests. There are a lot of lakes and rivers there. This city hides a great story. For example, it was a major engineering center of Western Siberia in the past. And the main healing lake in the Altai territory is situated in the Rubtsovsk too. A lot of famous people were born there. Like Nina Usatova-the nation-famous Russia actress or Alex Tishenko-who is twice the Olympic boxing champion.
There are a lot of traditions in Rubtsovsk, but most of all I like the day of Ivan Kupala. Because all people in this day irrespective of age swills each other. It is the day, when anyone comes home wet.
If we talk about Rubtsovsk, some words must be mentioned about monunents. Because all these monuments are not only a work of art, but the greatest treasure of history.
This city occupies an important part in my heart. All the memorable moments in my life happened in Rubtsovsk. It will be my homeforever!


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