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Volgograd, The Legacy of the Merchant

Подольская Елена Ивановна,
учитель английского языка МОУ СОШ № 19
Москалев Иван, Веселова Виктория,
ученица 9 класса МОУ СОШ № 19
г. Волгоград, Центральный район
Volgograd has a rich history. There are a lot of places which remind us of its history and the people who lived and worked here.
Have you ever eaten sweets and cakes of our confectionery factory “Konfil”? The history of this enterprise is connected with the name of the merchant Vasily Fyodorovich Lapshin. He founded the factory in 1887 and called it “Caramel, Fruit Drops and Pastry of Lapshin’s Factory”. Everything was made by hands. 74 people worked there. Sweets and cakes were sold in Russia, in the countries of Asia and in the Caucasus. In 1924 the factory was named after V. I. Lenin. During the Great Patriotic War the factory produced food concentrates for the front. It had to stop working only for three months in 1942. Though the factory was ruined during the Stalingrad Battle, it began working in May 1943. Nowadays “Konfil” is one of the most successful confectionery factories of Russia. It produces more than 300 kinds of sweets, caramel, candied fruit, soufflé, wafers. “Konfil” participates in different competitions and has gold and silver medals. In 2012 “Konfil” is 125 years old.
V.F.Lapshin contributed much to the development of the city. He built a woodworking and glass factories . He founded a steamship company “Rus”. He grew a wonderful garden on the bank of the Volga which is known as “Lapshin Sad”. He built a church in memory of his wife and the son “Paraskeva Pyatnitsa”. Those who love their native land should know its history and people who thought of its development and future. V.F.Lapshin was among them.


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