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Ulyanovsk, museums town

Бигеева Регина,
ученица 7 класса
средней школы 343 ВАО г.Москвы.

Я живу в Москве, а родилась в Ульяновске, поэтому очень люблю этот город. Моя учительница Дмитриева Светлана Александровна помогла мне составить этот рассказ.

I want to tell about my native town. It is Ulyanovsk. I think we can say it is a town museum. There are a lot of interesting museums there, and they all are tightly connected with culture and acidulate of the town. The history of many museums goes back to the far past, when Simbirsk scientists and collectors gathered and gave the town great cultural heritage. In 2005 two museums – the museum of history and the at museum – celebrated the 110th anniversary. These museums are the most popular and favorite among the citizens and tourists. There you can get to know the whole history of Simbirsky region from the early times, «The state memorial reserve» «Lenin’s Motherland» in 2001 celebrated just the 20th anniversary but today it is of the main sights in the town, visited by many people every day.
In 2007 the idea of the monument to the Russian letter «Ё» appeared after the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the letter in printing. Two rivers – the Volga and the Sviyaga create the unique area in the central part of the town as the Sviyaga flows in the opposite direction of the Volga though the Volga’s tributary.
In Ulyanovsk the Volga is the widest – about 40 km. The longest bridge in Russia is also in Ulyanovsk, it links two parts of the town situated on the opposite river banks. Ulyanovsk is a «winged» town. Two civil planes AH-124 and TY-204 are made. There are two airports, one of the which is able to handle even space shuttles. On the territory of the airport «Ulyanovsk - Centralny» the famous film «The Italians’ adventures in Russia» by Eldar Ryazanov was shot.
Ulyanovsk is famous for its winds, they call it «The town of seven winds», but in spite of many industrial plants the air the town is always clear and fresh.


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