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Игнатова Надежда Юрьевна,
учитель английского языка
Лодыгина Марина Юрьевна, ученица 7 класса
МОУ « СОШ им. Р.Г. Карманова» с. Усть- Нем

Yndin is a little island of GULAG. Some students of R.G. Karmanov-school setted out in search of the former settlement Yndin which was fonded in 1930 near the village Ust- Nem in Ust- Kulomskii rajon in Komi Republic . The population was formed of Germans from other region of the country.In 1940 there were 107 workers, but in 1951 there were 15 men left.F.I.Bellon, who was one of the special settlers, was deported with a part of her family from Crimea.She told: «We were brought to the confluence of the river Yn on Nem.Women were told to pick moos and men began to build barracks.We worked at state timber purchasing from 6 to 18. In 1933 we began to starve. Half of the population of the settlement died.The died was thrown into a big pit because we were too week to bury them. »The older couldn`t stand all the difficultness. In spite of all the people worked well: they founded the kolkhoz «Yndin».Up to now it is told about their capacity for work.There were build some workshops, a school, a kindergarten, a shop. Each family had in a barrack a territory from one window to another for living. Now we can see a tank of an anvil, a frame of a mower, a harrow and others.On the one end of the settlement there is a scale on which in 1933 200 g of tornment for people who worked were weighed. Up to now there are the traces of the cemetery left. One can see a very big cross.This is the Calvary of Yndin.It is a memory of all martyrs who died because of cold, hunger; back-breaking job and violation of human dignity.We need the memory of all the people who were killed for our cure and saving of our souls.


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