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Kovrov - The Glorious Town of Gunsmiths

Done by Lapshin Andrey,
3A Form, school №4, the town of Kovrov
The teacher N.S.Chikhvatova

The town of Kovrov is my home town. I was born in this town and live here with my parents and my younger brother.
We live in the street named after V.G. Fyodorov, a famous Russian gunsmith. He designed new weapons for Soviet Army and worked in Kovrov. Our town is famous for its great designer – armsmen such as V.A. Degtyarev, G.S.Shpagin, S.V.Vladimirov, A.G. Smirnov, P.M.Gorunov, etc. For long five years of the Great Patriotic War my fellow countrymen were working hard for the Victory over fascist Germany. In the center of our town there is Eternal Flame, Alley of Heroes with names of Kovrov Heroes of the Soviet Union (participants of that War) leads to the monument.
It’s a favourite place for Kovrovites especially on Victory Day. There is a tradition in our family to go to Victory Square on the 9th of May. My grandfather puts on his military form, orders and medals. My brother and I lay flowers to the memorial and give bouquets to War veterans. We always see a lot of doves on the square, my grandpa says they are the souls of fallen soldiers, we give them some corn and enjoy their cooing.
In December 2011 the town got the honorary title “The city of Military Glory” for the great “courage, endurance and mass heroism, exhibited by citizens of the city in the struggle for the freedom and independence of the Motherland”. I am proud of the city and I want it to become better and more beautiful.


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