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Tver, history

Svetaylo Sofia Aleksandrovna
School №1298

There are so many wonderful places in the world, but my favourite is Tver, because my family is from there. Tver is a small town located to the north of Moscow, at the confluence of the Volga and Tvertsa Rivers.
It is interesting, though, that long ago, in the 13th century Tver almost became the capital of a powerful medieval Russian state. The fact is that it is positioned deep in the forests; and while most of Russian big cities were raided by the Tatars, Tver had a chance to develop and become richer and more populated. This safety and wealth were the main reason for the Russian princes to make it a capital. But when the Tatars were defeated, Moscow got more important, because it had better access to business roads. Tver was left off the main roads, and as time passed, it became a small and not very significant town. But no matter how small, Tver was always famous for its craftsmen, architects, and potters. We don’t know much about old Tver, because in the 17th century, after the Polish invasion, the city was destroyed and burned down. In mid-18th century Catherine II visited Tver and was upset about how miserable it looked. She sent the best architects – Kvasov and Kazakov to create a new layout, and an amazing city was rebuilt.
Tver is, and has always been, a wonderful place, full of historic buildings, churches, cathedrals. One of the oldest cathedrals is the “White Trinity”, built in 1564.
The city was loved by many great Russian writers and poets, like Pushkin, Krylov, Saltykov-Schedrin. They gladly visited it and spent a lot of time there. There are monuments in the city which remind us about that.
Our parents and grandparents know this city as Kalinin, because it was renamed after one of revolutionary leaders in 1931. Its real name came back only in 1990.
Today Tver is getting more and more picturesque. Now it is known as the city of fountains – there are so many of them in this small, cozy town, which I like very much.


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