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The estate Dubrovitsy. A small historical reference

Печкурова Елена Анатольевна
учитель английского языка высшей категории

There are many historic estates in Moscow region. Among them is Dubrovitsy. The name of this settlement for the first time met in 1627 in Rewriting books of Peremishl Church. The first owner of it was Ivan Morozov.
It’s situated in Podolsk district, Moscow region in 45 km from Moscow on the banks of two rivers: the Pachra and the Desna. County complex consists of the three-storied Palace, the Church of the Virgin Blacherniotissa, wings, barrow, horses’ court and several buildings in its west part.
The main sight of this estate is The Church “Sign”. It is unique. It dominates above the main house of the estate. The building of the temple was built in 1690–1704 years by the owner of this estate B.Golitsin. The foundation of the temple is a cross. It is decorated with thin white stone carving which based on a beautiful vegetable ornament. Unfortunately the inside decoration of it is lost. The Church is surrounded with figurative stairs from four sides. It is a significant historical and magnificent monument to the architecture of the end XVII and beginning XVIII centuries. The main house of this estate is the Palace. It was built in the middle of the XVIII century. At the beginning of the XIX century it was reconstructed in style classitsizm. In 1966-1970 years on the first floor gala Stamped Hall was reconstructed.
Four stone wings were built in the middle of the XVIII century in Yelizaveta’s style. In our days we can see only three of them. French graceful Park is situated to the west from the Palace, proceeding with the clear axial composition of the whole estate. The owners of estate were B.Golitsin, G.Potyomkin, Dmitriyev-Momonov.
Now the estate Dubrovitsy is being restored. The Church “Sign” is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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