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Rostov-on-Don, Park of the October Revolution

My name is Diana Tskvitariya.
I was born June 10, 1996.
I live in Rostov-on-Don, it’s my hometown and I love it!
I study at gymnasia №52, in 9 grade. Teacher Фугаева Ольга
I like to walk around Rostov, especially in the park of the October Revolution and I want to tell about it. The park of the October Revolution is very cozy and beautiful place to rest. There you can walk for hours. Green alleys, beautiful fountains, cafes and a lot of interesting attractions. In this park you can have a great time!
It occupies a huge area, and on its territory are many recreational zones: skating rink under the dome “Ledograd”, an entertainment center “Planet of Wonders” with attractions, tennis court, soccer field, paintball club, :Wedding Meadow”, a children’s playground and a corner with exotic birds. In the zone with birds I spend the most time. There are a pond with black and white swans, Barbary ducks, wild goose and turtles, warm houses with African crowned cranes and pink flamingos, a large aviaries with Indian and white peacocks, white peacocks are just considered sacred in India and China. In Rostov, they have already managed to grow roots and love watermelons and squash.
For flamingos, lovers of the summer, set the lamp with thermal infrared rays. Frosts they observe only from the windows. Last year, in the park of the Revolution there was a significant event. The pair of black swans hatched chicks. This case ornithologists called unique. Usually faithful birds breeding in more comfortable conditions.
Also in the territory of the park situated famous theatre named of M. Gorky and the biggest historical fountain in the city. The park is very picturesque and green. On the trees there are feeders for birds and squirrels. Every time I bring nuts for them. I like to skate in “Ledograd” and on weekends I go there with friends all year round.
I love my city!


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