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Kurkino, Vladymirskaya church

Trisheva Nastya
6th form, school 1298 in Moscow

My hobby is reading. I like to read about our planet, and other things that happen with our Galaxy. I think that reading is very interesting.

The Kurkino village has been known for five hundred years. Kurkino used to have two other names before- Konstantynovskoye and Kyritsino. The second name descended from the surname of boyar Grigory Ivanovich Kyritza-Komensky. Later the name of the village which arose from this surname was transformed to Kurkino. From 1639 to 1641 the village Kurkino was bought by boyar Alexey Ivanovich Vorotynsky. Ivan Alekseevich Vorotynstky got the Kutkino village after his father’s death in 1642.
From 1672 to 1678 was built Vladymirskaya church. Near to stone church was the big house of the boyar Vorotynsky. This monument is on Zaharynskaya street. Now this church is the culture monument of Russia.
Grigory Anatolevich Zaharin, the founder of the Moscow clinical school, the professor and the director of clinic of the Moscow university bought lot of land in Kurkino in 1872. He helped poor with bread and money, made payments in favor of church.
Since 1929 Kurkino has been a part of Shodnensky, then Krasnogorsky, and since 1940 of the Khimki area of Moscow region.
Now Kurkino is a beautiful area of Moscow. There are many modern houses, monuments, green, parks and new playgrounds. I am very proud that I live in this part of Moscow. Welcome to Kurkino!


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