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Панарина Ксения,
ученица 7 класса «А»
средней школы № 343
города Москвы, ВАО.

Я родилась и до 10 лет жила в Нижневартовске. Это замечательный северный город, где живут замечательные люди. Каждый раз с волнением жду встречи со своим любимым городом.

Nizhnevartovsk is a unique town, situated on the place of the village Vartovskoye, which was the part of Tobolsk region in 1909-1917. Near the village there was the lake Samotlor, where in 1965 oil was found, and though the place was very boggy, it was decided to build the town for oil-industry workers. Young people, mostly the members of Komsomol, moved there and started the new life. At first there were only 20 houses. But in 1971 the airport was opened and in 1975-1976 the railway linked Nizhnevartovsk with other cities of the Soviet Union. In 1980 the milliardth ton, of oil was extracted. Today it is a modern town; it has its own theatre, the region hospital, television and radio station. The citizens like their town very much and keep the cultural and national traditions. There are many monuments in the town. The most famous is a monument to "Subjugators of Samotlor» (Алеша). At the crossroads of noisy highways there is a powerful figure of the young worker with burning torch in his hand. All people in the town also take care of the monument to the died in the Great Patriotic War.


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