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Chita, the library of Pushkin

Varvara Konovalova,
a 6 form pupil of Chita school 49,
specializing in English

I live in Russia. It is a very beautiful and wonderful country. There are many bewitching and mysterious places. But the most beautiful of them is my Motherland. It is Zabaikalie. There are many highlands and lowlands, deep lakes and wild rivers here. Chita is the capital of Zabaikalie. This is a little town but it has a big history. There are many interesting monuments in our town. They are the square of Decembrists, the monument to Lenin, the palace of Shumovs’ brothers, etc.
One of them is the library of Pushkin. It was founded in 1895. There are many old books and interesting magazines here. There are English books, Chinese books, German books and Russian books. Librarians organize different holidays. One of them is «Night in the library». It begins in the evening and lasts all night. You can know many interesting things about lives of different writers, about poetry and tales and of course, about the life of Pushkin. Librarians often conduct different competitions. The most interesting of them is «I am drawing Zabaikalie». The Internet-room was opened in 2003. There you can find any book on the computer. More than 40 years the library was directed by N.S. Lapenkova.
Our school was worked with library many years ago. We organized different holidays. They are “The birthday party by Robert Burns”, “Lermontov's poetry evening” etc.


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