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The Park of Peter the Great, Kronshtadt

Федорова Мария Владимировна
учитель ГОУ СОШ № 422
г. Кронштадт

I’d like to say a few words about one of the most wonderful places in my town, Kronshtadt. There are more than three hundred attractions in the small town but there is only one place where I can spend most part of my day. It is the park of Peter the Great with such sights as a monument to Peter the Great, dockyards, a lighthouse, a quay and a stone monument. When you approach the park, you seem to be greeted by the magnificent monument to Peter the Great that is believed to be a thing of great beauty. You see Peter the Great turning to the west. It implies as if he meets ships or sees them off. His sword symbolizes that no enemy has a right to enter the Russian land. You can’t help noticing how beautiful the park is with prettily-designed lawns and ancient trees. Two iron vases and two cannons decorating the quay face out to sea. The place is scenic and striking, especially when it is windy and sunny, when you are strolling down the quay and piercing into distance to see any vessels passing by. Nowadays it is difficult to imagine how the park looked many years ago. There used to be a marsh with ducks but later Peter the Great ordered to build here the park. No doubt there are not many places in Russia where you can see the military vessels standing within ten meters, but these wonderful military vessels can impress any tourist who happens to be in the park. There is only one day a year when you are allowed to see inside the ship with your own eyes. I’m under the impression that the park with stunning views on the Gulf of Finland is an ideal place for a peaceful day off or unforgettable experience for tourist. I’m very proud of living here and I can’t imagine my life without those charming sights.


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