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Pskov, significant sights

Болдина Екатерина Андреевна, Ха Минь Фыонг
МОУ Школа №23
с углублённым изучение английского языка
Ученицы 10 «А» класса

Pskov is an ancient city located in the northwest of Russia. It stands on the bank of the Velikaya river and thanks for this location you can enjoy the most significant sights. The embankment of the river is the most popular place for rest. Pskov is regarded to be a historical town.
According to the legend, the Princess Olga saw a wonderful sign: three bright rays emanating from the sky, connected to the opposite side of the river on rocky promontory. Then Olga ordered the people to build a town and the church of the Holy Trinity. In the 19th century the chapel of Princess Olga was built on the Veli-kaya opposite the Trinity Cathedral.
So, Trinity Cathedral is the most important sight of the city. Tourists and citizens visit it every day. It is the tallest building in the Pskov and dominates the city's architecture, in clear weather it's head can be seen from the distance of several kilometers away from the city.
There are several parks in Pskov but the most favorite for many citizens is Dovmontov town - fortified with stone walls and towers area adjoining to the south of the Pskov Kremlin. It is an excellent place for walking and at the same time it is permeated with the spirit of history.
What we, citizens, like most of all is that though our town is not so big, everyone of us has his own favorite spot to visit. When you are sick and tired of everything of the world, of problems you can hide in this place, corner where you can stay alone with yourself, with your own thoughts, enjoy the nature and clean fresh air and at last the whole world.


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