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Wooden architecture of Chita

Sysoeva Nina
School № 49
Form 11

Russian wooden architecture is not only very steadfast but also really beautiful. When we speak about Russian architecture in general we should necessary mention its wooden constructions as their integrity always amazes foreigners’ imagination.
According to the experts’ opinions wooden architecture of Chita with its intricate design, singularity, history and composition differs from other Siberian towns. Wooden buildings here are chaotically scattered. The house with an original external style is situated in Amurskaya street. Other samples are Mihailo-Arhangelskaya church that is famous for its history and Panamorev’s house. Certainly, we can’t leave without special attention Chita’s main post office building. All citizens are proud of its complicated, charming carving and impressive tracery windows.
To construct a miracle at the beginning of the 20-th century was not a simple task. In Chita we can find “House with fishes”. Its owner Timohovich recreated a see environment for his wife. A carved frieze decorates the top of the house and framed windows with an imitation of seaweeds and water lilies can’t leave people indifferent even today. This house is an object of cultural heritage of federal value. Such buildings cannot be removed though nobody could forbid to build new modern ones nearby.
To sum up my research, I’d like to say that today in times of building “revolt” a question of saving wooden architecture of Chita is really serious. Nevertheless, I suppose that all of us will do everything to save our unique houses in their original look. And I’m sure that Chita in some years will become more attractive, but, besides, I do believe that we’ll save our historical wooden constructions and cultural monuments.


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