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Ufa, history

Рахимов Тимур,
ученик 8Б класса МБОУ СОШ № 18,
г. Уфа
учитель Любина Р.М.

My name is Rahimov Timur. I study in the 8 form “B” school №18. I was born in Ufa. And I want to tell you about this wonderful city. Ufa is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Ufa is situated in eastern Europe near its land boundary with Asia, at the confluence of the Belaya and the Ufa rivers, on low hills to the west of the southern Urals. The city stretches 50 kilometers from the southwest to the northeast and occupies over 710 square kilometers.
The city began as a fortress built on the orders of Ivan the Terrible in 1574, and originally bore the name of the hill it stood on, Tura-Tau. It was granted town status in 1586. In the 18th century Ufa evolved into an administrative, trading, manufacturing and cultural center of Russia. Ufa Municipal Public Bank was established on December 15, 1876. In 1918, Ufa was the residence of the Provisional All-Russian Government. On June 14, 1922, the Decree of the All-Union Central Executive Committee abolished Ufa Governorate, and Ufa became the capital of the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. The discovery of oil in Bashkiria made Ufa one of the centers of the USSR oil extracting and oil refining industries.
Nowadays, Ufa is changing every day. There appeared many new houses. A lot of old wooden one- and two- storeyed houses have been pulled down and new comfortable many storeyed buildings have grown instead.
To my mind, Ufa is the most beautiful city in Russia!!


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