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Cherepanovo – the town of the poplars and horse races

Раевская Галина Дмитриевна
Раевская Галина Дмитриевна,
учитель английского языка высшей квалификационной категории
МОУ СОШ №1 г. Черепанова Новосибирской области

I’m Galina Raevskaya, a teacher of English. I was born and live in Cherepanovo. It’s my native land. I would like to tell you about it in some words…

Cherepanovo is a small Siberian town, which is located between Novosibirsk region and Altay Kray. Its inhabitants call it “the town of the poplars”, or “the town of snowy summer”, because of their seed tufts.
In spite of its remoteness from the capital of Siberia, it remains one of the unique towns of our country. Its uniqueness is contained in the community of people- their common interests, their life-style, their moral values, their proximity to nature.
One of the events that unites people is an annual horse-racing. It is organized in August by the local Head of the Town. It is the most long-expected event of the year. Everybody prepares for it: the countrymen train the horses to the races, prepare fretworks; the women make their handcrafts: embroidery, needlework, knit works.
This day there is not only a horse-racing, but a fair. A merry, noisy, bright fair! This day people of the town and the nearest rural areas are crowded around racecourse. Music, laugh, friendly embraces and kisses, and best wishes are heard everywhere. People of every rural area present its goods: meat products, honey, bakery goods, dairy products -cheese, curds, ryazhenka, cream and so on.
Public trade is briskly! Everyone is glad and gets a big benefit! At the same time the horse-racing is in full swing! The strongest horses gallop at full speed on the track. It’s impossible to predict the winner! And only after the gong a race reader announces the results!
The most exciting part of this day is awarding. The winners get presents and souvenirs! If you love horses and horse races, come to my place! You’ll get an unforgettable delight!


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