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Chita, Alkhanai

Кедяркина Валерия Алексеевна
МОУ «СОШ №49 с углубленным изучением английского языка»
Я родилась 25 октября 1996 года в городе Пенза.
В настоящее время проживаю в городе Чита, учусь в школе №49 в 9В классе.
Занимаюсь русскими народными танцами, увлекаюсь иностранными языками,
люблю читать русскую классическую литературу.

I moved to Zabaikalye with my family, because my father is officer. I was really amazed with beautiful nature. I fall in love with nice and charming places. One of them is Alkhanai, I think it is an unique place. It is the national park. Millions years ago the fiery lavas of the volcano were boiling here. Later they stiffened like freakish sculptures. The cleanest springs murmur though avalanches and hollows the eternal taiga rustles and birds chirp unremittingly. So, one of the attractions in the East of Siberia-the Alkhanaisky hills was formed on the place of deep breaks. It is place of pilgrimage, the natural resort, which has become a criterion of moral cleanliness people. It cures not only body but a soul. National park «Alkhanai»-is the only place in Russia where the system of cult Buddism and natural monuments are in harmony with each other. The nature of Alkhanai is full of mysteries. It differs from other natural parks of our country. Every mountain, cave and spring has its own legend and history. Since ancient times the tribes of the Buryat-Mongols communicated with their spirits in these places, confirming unity of man and nature. People worshiped and worship to Alkhanai up to this day. They say that their lives the master of the mountain Olkhon. One can come through a natural arch in the mountains, which is called the Temple-gate and communicate with the master Olkhon. More than that there is a narrow crack in the mountain. It is the Crack of the Sinners. If you come through it you will leaves sins behind. On the top of the mountain you can full the cosmic energy. Alkhanai combined and shows us all this beauty.


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