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Chita, the fauna of the Transbaikalia

Shafirov Timur, School № 49
specializing in English, Form 6 C
Teacher of English – Inkina Nina Semyonovna

"Magnificent Transbaikalia ...". In creating this project, I had no doubt that the title for it will be exactly this phrase of Chekhov, which coincides with my attitude towards the area, where I was born, and probably lwil live a lifetime. This corner of continental Asia combines the northern taiga and dry steppes, the breath of a sacred lake and the vestiges of ancient broad-leaved forests. Every place is beautiful in its own way, but once for the first time here getting in touch with its beauty, I felt that I should show my Transbaikalia to others.
The fauna of the Transbaikalia includes four species of fish, 3 species of amphibians, 3 species of reptiles, more than 315 species of birds and 52 species of mammals. More than 100 bird species listed in Red Data Books of various ranks. In the reserve there are four types of cranes - white-naped, black, Japanese, and belladonna. Of the 52 species of animals - 4 are listed in the Red Book of Russia - the groundhog, marmot, Daurian hedgehog, cat, Pallas' cat, antelope, and gazelle. Body weight of male dzerens is 24-39 kg, 20-28 kg female, male body length is 105-148 cm, females - 110-121 cm, height at withers 62-84 cm males, females, 54-74 cm, tail length of 9-12 cm Males.. Dark gray black horn length is 18-28 cm, females do not have horns. The colour of the fur is yellowish sandy and white. On the territory of Russia it is very rare, listed as endangered, can be found in Transbaikalia. At present time in Russia gazelle is found only in Transbaikaliaregion. I told you about the amazing and rare animals, hope you liked it!


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