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The Arkhangelsk Region, Plesetski district

Куделина Наталья Ивановна, учитель иностранных языков
МБОУ «Североонежская средняя общеобразовательная школа»,
Плесецкого района, Архангельской области

It is mainly an industrial district, with logging as the chief economic activity. The district has a wide network of log-carrying roads and wood is taken to the sawmills of Arkhangelsk. Other important industries are: sawing, wood-working and timber chemical industry which produces pulp, acetic acid, resin and scrape.
The production of building materials is represented by a limestone factory and a cement-making plant.
The bauxite quarry in Severoonezhsk produces bauxite which is used in the production of aluminium.
There are also several food-making industries here.
Plesetski district is known for its cosmodrome and rocket test-site situated in the town Mirny. It is a modern town with a population of about fifty thousand people. Many spacecraft have been launched from this place.
The settlement of Plesetsk is a comparatively big railway junction and a major industrial and cultural centre of the district. The area around Lake Kenozero, in Plesetski district is very beautiful and attracts many tourists. Early in the 1990s it was decided to set up a national perk here. The park area will cover a territory of 140 thousand hectares and include architectural, archeological and historical monuments, rivers and lakes, forests and meadows.
The task of the scientists and research workers is not only to preserve the unique natural and cultural complex but also to develop national and foreign tourism in the area.


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