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Cherepovets is the Port of Five Seas

Некрасова Александра,
обучающаяся 8Д класса МБОУ
«Средняя общеобразовательная школа №14» г. Череповец
Учитель Суворова Марлена Вениаминовна

Here, in picturesque places, where the river Yagorba flows into the river Sheksna, since 1777 Cherepovets lives and becomes more beautiful. In 1964, when the Volga-Baltic canal was opened, from the Volga large ships went to Leningrad, Karelia, and Murmansk through Cherepovets. Since that time the city on the Sheksna was called The Port of Five Seas.
Ivan Milyutin (1829 – 1907) was the first city head, who managed Cherepovets for 46 years. He worked hard to develop his hometown and the North of Russia. During his years of work Cherepovets became a popular industrial and commercial center with its bank, city garden, museum, and library.
The city of steelmakers and metallurgists is the biggest city in Vologda region. “Severstal”,“Severstal-metiz”,“Ammophos”,“Nitrogen” are the leading factories of the city. “Severstal” takes the leading position in rating of metallurgical factories of Russia.
In the 18th century on the bank of the Sheksna the churches of the Nativity and the Resurrection of Christ were built. One of them is a single-headed, white building with a refectory, bell tower, crowned with a spire. It looks like a ship on the bank of the Sheksna. The other one is an adornment of the city and a favourite place of visiting by citizens.
Cherepovets is the center of culture and sport. Chamber theatre is one of the best stages of the city. In gyms and swimming pools there are always a lot of visitors. We are proud of famous hockey players, skaters, who trained in the gyms of our city.
We love our city!


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