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Vyritsa village

Дячук Анна Юрьевна
ГБОУ СОШ №1298, Москва, Куркино
Класс 6А, Учитель английского языка –
Ульянова Марина Владимировна

My favorite place in Russia is the village Vyritsa. It is situated near Saint Petersburg.
Vyritsa is famous for its beautiful nature. There is River Oredezh, pine tree forests, healing air. I have lots of friends there and enjoy spending my summer holidays in this area. We like to swim in the River Oredezh, to go for a walk in the forest and to ride our bikes along the forests paths.
Vyritsa is in the Guinness book of records as the biggest village in the world because it spreads for about 30 km2. Vyritsa was founded in the first quarter of the eighteenth century on the left bank of the river Oredezh. When in 1904 the railway from Pavlovsk to Vyritsa was completed it was easy to get there from Saint-Petersburg. Because of that a lot of rich and famous people started to build their summer houses in this area. Vyritsa became a popular and modern place. In the beginning of the 20th century it had a railway station, a fire station, telephone lines, mail service and good roads. It even had a theatre where famous actors performed. We can still see lots of beautiful wooden buildings of that time. The most famous are two beautiful old wooden churches. People from around the world visit Vyritsa to see the Church of the Kazan mother of god and worship the Saint Seraphim Vyritskiy. The other famous church is Peter and Paul’s built in 1913.
In the 20th century in Vyritsa lived many writers who devoted their works to this beautiful place. It inspired them. Now, it’s a popular place to spend holidays.


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