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Ancient churches in Cheboksary

Васильева Мария Николаевна, 11 а класс
МБОУ «СОШ №60» Чувашия,
г. Чебоксары
Учитель английского языка –
Мулюкова Татьяна Витальевна

Cheboksary is a small town situated on the right bank of the great river Volga. It was founded on the 20th of May 1469. There were very many churches in Cheboksary in prerevolutionary time. You will see how beautiful they are and what an interesting history they have! Vvedensky Cathedral is a monument of federal importance in Cheboksary. The cathedral is the oldest church in Chuvashia and the only surviving monument of the XVII century. The cathedral was founded by decree of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. The temple was completed in 1657. During the World War II the church transfered 136200 rubles for the country’s defence. Since the first day of its existence there is a service every day in this Cathedral. Not far from the Vvedensky Cathedral there is Nicolayevsky (Nicolsky) nunnery, founded in 1584. It is famous for the Maria Shestova’s grave, the grandmother of the future tsar M.F.Romanof. Maria Shestova was exiled to Cheboksary to the Nicolsky nunnery on the 3d of July 1601. It is abolished in 1764.
«Chuvash Pisa» called people this tower which belonged to the Voznesenskaya church. It was built in 1702 on the slope and in some time in began sloping. At the top of the tower there was 71cm inclination. This belfry got a great fame in the Volga region. After the fire the falling tower was taken to peaces and a new tower was built out of bricks of this belfry. In conclusion one must say that almost all the churches were situated along the river Volga and every church was seen perfectly from the distance. Eventually, many of them are destroyed and not preserved, but today one can observe many new and modern churches in our town which are worth seeing.

  • Сhurch of  Archangel Michael
  • Vvedensky Cathedral
  • The Church of the Resurrection of Christ
  • Trinity Monastery
  • Chuvash Pisa of the Voznesenskaya church
  • Nicolayevsky (Nicolsky) nunnery
  • Burial-vault of merchants Efremovs
  • Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Temple of the Perishing
  • Pokrovsky Cathedral


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