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General Karbyshev Square

Власов Илья Вячеславович
Власов Илья Вячеславович
ГБОУ СОШ № 19 имени Белинского
Ученик 6 класса «Б»
Учитель – Быкова Надежда Ильинична
Ten years ago I lived in General Karbyshev Square. There is a monument to the General in it. I was told that he was a Hero of the Soviet Union and was killed during the Second World War.
His army was surrounded, the general was seriously wounded in a fight near the Dnepr River and the German soldiers captured him. They asked him to give away the secret information about our troops but he refused to do it.
Karbyshev was held at a number of concentration camps including Hammelburg, Flossenburg, Majdanek, Auschwitz, Sachsenhausen and Mauthausen. He rejected repeated offers from the Nazis to cooperate with them, and though he was in his sixties, he was one of the most active leaders of the camp resistance movement. On the night of 18 February 1945 in the Mauthausen concentration camp, Austria, he was killed together with around 500 other prisoners. The Nazis had them soaked with water in freezing cold.
The general was posthumously awarded the title - Hero of the Soviet Union on August 16, 1946. A white marble monument to Karbyshev was erected at the entrance to the memorial at the former Mauthausen concentration camp.
General Karbyshev was a real soldier devoted to his country. Our people remember his deed. A lot of streets are named after him in different cities in the former Soviet Union and a lot of monuments are erected.


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