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Chita, Park “Alkhanai”, interesting facts

Chita, Park “Alkhanai”
Kirill Shcherbinin,
a 6 form pupil of Chita school 49,
specializing in English

National Park "Alkhanai" is the edge of exciting natural phenomena and extraordinary creations that cause special feelings and leave an unforgettable impression.
This is the only place in Russia, where there was a system of religious Buddhist monuments, which combine perfectly with the nature of phenomena. The highest mountain in the national park is Mount Alkhanai (1665 m) - connected with the history of Buddhism and the name of Genghis Khan. Those who have been here, are spreading around the world a legend of the miraculous effects of these places.
But few visitors wondered why so far away from the center of world Buddhism - Tibet - Mount is a sacred place for the believers. A major patron of the highest point of a deity Alkhanov Demchog is one of the top five Buddhas, whose name in Tibetan language means Eternal blessing. Since ancient times, tribes of the Mongols Buryats animates these places, instilling love and respect to the outside world, promoting the unity of nature and man. Mountains, caves and springs are covered with Alkhanov legends and myths. Thus, the national park consists of 12 churches and cathedrals.
Buddhists Transbaikalia path is compared with the spiritual pilgrimage through human, when the pilgrim enters the trail, he embarks on a path of spiritual and physical cleansing. Going through it, he picks up interfering with the movement of stone in order to clear the path of marching after them. So for decades next to the tracks there was a wall height of about one meter.


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