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Chelyabinsk Regional Museum of Local History

Назарова Мария, учащаяся 4 «Г» класса
Сутягина Елена Геннадьевна
учитель английского языка
МАОУ лицей №35 г. Челябинска

I study in the 4th form. I like learning English. I have been learning English for 5 years.

Chelyabinsk Regional Museum of Local History is a unique treasury of historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of the region. The museum collects, preserves and displays historical, artistic and natural science collections. Scholar and geographer I.М. Krasheninnikov began to collect exhibits for the museum in the 1913 year. I.G. Gorokhov was assigned the first director in the 1919 year. The opening ceremony was arranged on 1 July 1923. In 2006 the new building was open and is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of the city. It is located at the place where in the first half of the 18 century, Chelyabinsk was a fortress, that’s why the walls of the museum looks like towers. This is one of the oldest and largest museums in the region - in 2013 it will celebrate its 90th anniversary.
The collection was enlarging each year. People brought the exhibits, some of them were bought. Today the museum has about 300,000 exhibits in various large and small collections: objects of the ancient Russian art of the 18-20 centuries and church art of the 19 - early 20 centuries. The museum has unique pictures period of the Great Patriotic War and pictures of the Soviet period. The museum also offers the largest collections of the sculpture of the 18-20 centuries, arts, archeology, ethnography, weapons, rare books and photos.
Chelyabinsk Regional Museum of Local History takes the deserving place besides other museums of Russian Federation.


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