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Москва ГОУ СОШ № 1353
Ученик 9 "В" класса
Авилов Никита
Учитель - Дерябина Алла Эдуардовна

My name is Nikita Avilov. I live in Zelenograd in 11th part of Moscow. On the 7th kilometer from our city a park complex of 18th century Serednikovo is placed. 2-floor main house belvedere, 4 two-floor wing, greenhouse, butchery and manege, lake with 2 man-made islands a several bridges were saved by a happy chance. We can proudly call Serednicovo a unique tourist attraction.
There are some amazing historical facts about park complex.
Michael Lermontov used to spend his summer holidays in this homestead in 1829-1832.It was reflected in his earlier verses. After a rebellion of 1917, the homestead was nationalized. In august 1919 Lenin had a rest in this place.
During WWII, the complex was the last line of defense of defense of Moscow and there was organized a field hospital. In 1991 great-nephew and namesake of famous Russian poet Michail Lermontov founded the association 'Lermontov heritage' and started reconstruction of the homestead. This reconstruction not only gives us an opportunity to visit this place and imagine surroundings and people, who influenced Lermontov but will prevent the homestead and its neibourhood from being ruined.
This place can strike you with its beauty. Century trees and lovely, comfortable squares of shadow park, relaxing surface of the lake, overgrown gullies even today keep the spirit of Michael Lermontov. The pictures views attract film producers and cameraman. Such excellent films as 'Admiral', 'The Tsar's servant', '"Dead Souls" case' and others were shot in Serednicovo complex.
Serednicovo is one of the most impressive and cosy homesteads of Moscow. We must take care of the history of our country. Homestead Serednikovo is the one of those small grains of history that came from our ancestors. We must make every effort to give our heritage to future descendants to give them pleasure of watching this homestead.


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