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Skhodnya, history

учитель иностранных языков МБОУ СОШ № 22 мкр.
Сходня г.о.Химки Васильев Михаил Владимирович

Сбор информации и фотографии:
Михаил Нелюбов ( 4 Б класс), Иван Завертяев ( 5 Б класс )

We would like to tell you about Skhodnya – the city where we live. Skhodnya, just 30 minutes by train from Moscow, is a friendly place with population about 10, 000.
It lies on the river of the same name and its history is not very long. Skhodnya grew from a tiny village and received a City Charter in 1939. Our city was a site of heavy fighting during the World War II. In December 1941 the German forces managed to reach Skhodnya and captured the local railway station, it marked the farthest advance of the German Army on Moscow.
There are several monuments to the War Heroes in Skhodnya.
Here you can also see beautiful St. Trinity Church that dates from 1905. It was closed until the mid 1980s. Now it is a place of worship. Skhodnya is a great place to live in. We have a large park, three schools and hospital, which recently reopened its doors after reconstruction. In 2006 Skhodnya merged with the neighbouring city of Khimki but continues to be administered separately.
If you happen to find yourself in Skhodnya, why not to visit Serednikovo – it is only a 20 mn bus drive away. Serednikovo is the amazing 18th century manor house with great park. There are examples of 18th century furniture and collection of paintings in the house. The local legend says that Mikhail Lermontov spent his summer holidays on the estate in the 1830s. The manor house belonged to Lermontov’s distant cousin. Today it is a popular tourist attraction.


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