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My Pskov is my castle

Васильева Елизавета
Васильева Елизавета
г. Псков
All we have Motherland, the place where we were born and were brought up. And we also love this place and therefore take care of it. My Motherland is Pskov. It is a small town located near St.Petersburg. I was born in Pskov and I live here up to this day. It is a wonderful ancient town which has its own expressive architecture. Here are preserved the old parks and towers, manors and noble chapel. There are a lot of tremendous places and splendid churches. Trinity Cathedral is one of the main attractions of Pskov. It is the tallest building in Pskov and dominates in the city's architecture. Its cupolas are visible for several kilometers from the town.
Pskov always makes me glad. I can easily find an entertainment for myself. I can visit the cinema, theatre, club, café or I just can walk around the beautiful places such as Golden Embankment or Finnish Park. These places are magnificent at any time of the year.
And now I want to tell you about holidays in Pskov. Every holiday is celebrated with a great scale. There are always interesting programmes: different performances, cheerful dances and also various contests and, of course, great fireworks. But my favorite holiday is Shrovetide. There are a lot of people in national costumes, tasty pancakes and lots of winter fun in our city. And I try to celebrate every holiday in Pskov.
So, I can talk about my native town for hours because I’m really proud of it. Although Pskov is not a big city it is keep abreast of life, grows and thrives. I like to travel a lot and I have already visited many Russian cities and I liked it very much, but as the saying goes:” East or West, home is best”.


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