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Volokolamsk, history

Меня зовут Григорьева Валерия, я учусь в 7 «А» классе средней школы № 343 ВАО города Москвы. Я хочу рассказать о городе Волоколамске, где живут мои бабушка и дедушка, где родилась моя мама и где я провожу каждое лето. Моя учительница Дмитриева Светлана Александровна помогла мне составить этот рассказ.

Volokolamsk is an old town, situated 124 km to the north-west from Moscow. Its history is very rich and interesting. It goes back to the far past. Volokolamsk is 12 years older than Moscow. It was built to join trade route between Novgorod and Moscow lands. Its geographical position influenced a quick development. The town was situated on the crossing at river trade ways Volokolamsk became the important economical centre.
The name Volokolamsl comes from the world «Volok», that meant the road between two rivers, where loads were pulled from one river to another. First it was mentioned in 1135. And for many years it was the matter of argument between many Russian principalities because of its position. In 15 century it was ever the centre of Moscow principality. Then it became a rather successful town.
During the World war II in 1941 it was occupied by the Nazi troops and liberated by the 20th Army under the command of Andrey Vlasov. Everybody in our country knows about the deed of The Panfilov Division's Twenty-Eight Guardsmen, they all died during the battle near the village Dubosekovo near Volokolamsk, but stopped 28 German tanks.
Today Volokolamsk welcomes tourists and is ready to tell them about its interesting life.


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