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The famous people of Siverskiy

Masha Logvina
Siverskiy Gymnasium, Class 5-1
Teacher: Kashirskih Irina Viktorovna

Have you ever been to Siverskiy? It’s a wonderful place in the south of Leningrad Region. Many famous people lived in our small town: artists Kramskoy, Shishkin; poets and writers Maykov, Plesheev, Chukovsky, and Saltikov-Shedrin; composer Isaac Shwartz. They rented summer cottages and stayed in Siverskiy during the summer holidays. And some lived here for the whole year. But everybody admired the beauty of our nature. The talented artist Kramskoy spent in Siverskiy 12 years .He had a “dacha” (summer cottage) not far from Strogonov Bridge. Later in that house there was the Railway College. Unfortunately, you can’t visit the artist’s studio. It burnt down.
Shishkin is another standout artist, who enjoyed living in Siverskiy.He rented a house in the village Starosiverskaya and visited it every summer.Shishkin gave details and finished in Siverskiy his famous paintings “The Pine Forest” “The Morning in the Pine Forest”. Our place is well-known for the pine forests.
Everybody knows the name of Isaac Shwartz a noted composer. He created hundreds of musical masterpieces for plays, ballets and films. You can remember the song from the film “The White Sun of Desert». Isaac Shwartz spent half of his life in Siverskiy.Now you can visit the museum in his house. The local music school has the name of Shwartz.
Visit Siverskiy and you’ll see why these people admired our town.


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