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Матюнина Татьяна, ученица 9 класса,
МБОУ ДОД Центр Дополнительного Образования Детей
Уярского района, Красноярского края
Ясинская Анна Владимировна, учитель английского языка
МБОУ ДОД ЦДОД «Пионер» Уярского района, Красноярского края

I live in а small town, under the name of Uyar. Near Uyar the remarkable city of Krasnoyarsk has settled down. It is a surprising city, after all in it there is a unique reserve "Columns". It is based in 1925 at the initiative of townsmen for preservation of natural complexes round picturesque - "columns". Its area makes 47154 hectares. Thanks to Columns Krasnoyarsk is known in the world. Columns are a pride of Krasnoyarsk. By right it is possible to name this unique corner of the nature the Siberian pearl. «Columns» were stretched on the right coast of Yenisei, on a northwest slope of East Sayan mountains. Here, among a taiga, on 47 thousand hectares tower the freakish form rocks. People of all age and trades go here to have a rest, gain strength and communicate to the nature. Also in Krasnoyarsk there is one more unique place under the name park« Florae and Faunae "or" Royev stream». The zoological park «Royev stream» is located on the slope of mountain turned to Yenisei. The name to the zoo has been appropriated following the results of a city competition by name a stream proceeding nearby (the word “royev” has occurred from the word" to dig" in the XIX century). The park Total area makes 31 hectares, the park continues to develop. 270 kinds from a collection «Royev of the stream»are in the International Red book; 33 kinds are in the Red book of the Russian Federation. In the zoo territory introduction there are 460 kinds and grades of plants. My parents and I visit these magnificent places every summer as I love animals and our reserve very much. I am proud very much that I was born in such remarkable town under the name of Uyar which is near the regional center, and I have a possibility to visit these unique places.


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