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Surazh, a town of my childhood

Круговых Юлия Александровна,
МБОУ СОШ № 29 г.Коломна Московской области
Учитель английского языка

I live in Kolomna, but I was born in а small town named Surazh. I would like to introduce it to you. It is situated in Bryansk region. It is a lovely place with more than a 200-year-old history. Many years ago several Moscow merchants founded a trade colony by name Surazhichi.In 1781 this settlement was given a status of the town and was named Surazh.
Before abolition of serfdom the population of Surazh was 4000 people. There were more than 300 houses,42 shops, several small factories(2 brickfields,2 tanneries,2small ironworks, a candle factory and 3 creameries).
In 1894 one of the merchants built a carton factory which made 100-200 poods of carton every year. Now it is the main enterprise of the town. One of the first teacher’s seminaries(now it is the Pushkin pedagogical college) was built in Surazh in 1909 and that time some enterprises sush as clothes factory, bread-baking plant and creamery were built.During the Great Patriotic War my town was occupied by fascists. Several groups of guerilla were operating here that period. On the 25th of September 1943 the town was liberated by soldiers of Bryansk Front. Thousands of citizens from Surazh were fighting against fascists during the war. They all made a major contribution to the Great Victory over fascist Germany. Ten natives of our town were awarded to honorary title of the Hero Of Soviet Union.
In spite of being an ancient town, there are few architectural monuments in Surazh.There is only a small chapel on the central square of the town. It was built by landowner Iskritski above the grave of his wife at the beginning of 20 century. But there is a majestic church of St.Catherine only in 10 km from Surazh. It was created by the famous architect Jacomo Quarenghi.
Welcome to our town and enjoy its beauty!


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