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Bogorodskoe, history

Sozinov Artyom
5 form «G»
ГБОУ ЦО « Bogorodskij » №1452

Moscow consists of many districts. Many years ago there stayed countries and villages on places where districts stay now. The names of some streets and squares remembered us about country’s and village’s names.
I want to tell you about the history of district where I live now. I want to tell you about Bogorodskij. The district has got its name from the village which stayed here many years ago.
Tsar Peter the first built a paper factory at the eighteenth century here. This paper was the cheapest one. There were also cloth factories. At the middle of nineteenth century there were five factories here. Many people arrived from different Russian villages to work on these factories. My district is very beautiful. There is Yauza river and the Elk island park here. Many villages were built here at the beginning of twentieth century. There were dance grounds, theatres, stages for brass-band orchestra, attractions. Many famous compositors worked and had a rest here. They were Peter Tchaikovsky, Alexander Borodin, Milij Balakirev, artist Ivan Siskin and other famous people. Poet Vladimir Mayakovski often used to visit Bogorodskij in 1925. Bolshaya Bogorodskaja street was the main one in Bogorodskij. It is situated on that place where was the village road. The Spaso-Preobragenskaya church was built in 1880 on the corner of Bolshaya Bogorodskaja and Millionnaja street. It is a small wood church. It is still here. This cathedral is one of the last monuments of Moscow wood architecture. A big plant was built here in 1887. It made rubber foot wear. After revolution it had a name “Krasnij Bogatir”.We can say that Bogorodskij began to become a city district at that time.
At the beginning of twentieth century Bogorodskij became a Moscow district. Big stone houses began to be built here. Some old buildings have been staying since that time. One of them is Fire-Base number twenty two.


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