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Moscow, Luzhkov Bridge

Литичевская Анна Сергеевна
ГБОУ СОШ № 19 имени Белинского
Ученица 6 класса «Б»
Учитель – Быкова Надежда Ильинична

Hello! My name is Ann. I live in Moscow. I have been studying at school № 19 for six years. There is a unique bridge called Luzhkov Bridge near my school. I have always been interested in it.
Firstly, it is very beautiful. There are a lot of trees standing along the bridge. All the trees are metallic with a lot of locks. In fact, a lot of newlyweds come to the bridge to put a special "happiness lock" on one of those. In the beginning there was only one tree, but since the place for the locks ran out quickly, new trees were added. Now there is a whole forest of those. Secondly, I was interested in the name. They say that a long time ago the place was called "Tsaritsyn Lug" – "Tsaritsyn Meadow". So, the word "Lug" was transformed to "Luzhok". This is how the bridge got its name.
Near the bridge there is an original semi-circular bench – for those who have quarreled. The bench is made so that it is impossible to sit on different sides for a long time. You slide slowly and in the end you sit close to your companion. And your quarrel is forgotten!
I really like this bridge. It's great for a walk. There is a beautiful view from it. I love my city. It is very beautiful!


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