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Chita, The Memorial of Fighting and Labour Glory

Artyom Shchurin,
Form 10, School №49
Specializing in English

On June 22, 1941 fascist Germany attacked the Soviet Union. The Great Patriotic War began. It was the great trial for all people of our country. The whole industry of our region was changed into military one. Tens of thousands of people from Zabaikalye went to the front. Women, teenagers and labour veterans took their places in plants and factories. They did their best to help their country at that difficult time. They produced clothes and food for front.
The work of Zabaikalskaya railway is worth mentioning too. It played an important role in delivering goods and people to the front and back. People of Zabaikalye sent 367 million roubles to the Defence Fund, a lot of parcels with food and warm clothes, 23 thousand horses, more than 2,5 million poods of meat, 5 million and 200 thousand poods of milk and brynza to the front. During the Great Patriotic War soldiers from Zabaikalye showed real heroism in the fight against fascist invaders and Japanese samurais. They were always in the first ranks. On May 9, 1975 on the day of the thirtieth anniversary of the Great Victory over fascist Germany the Memorial of Fighting and Labour Glory was opened on the territory of Victory Park. The names of those who died for freedom of our country are written on stone walls of the Memorial. There is Eternal Flame there where people go on May 9 to honour the memory of all the fallen. 5 powerful stelaes rising high to the blue Zabaikalskye sky symbolize the feat of soviet people during the Great Patriotic War. Fighting machines are put there forever too.


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