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Chita, Leonid Georgievich Averianov

Polyukhova Victorya Aleksandrovna
School № 49 specializing in English, Form 10 С
English teacher
Inkina Nina Semyonovna

Russia is famous for its great composes all over the world. Zabaikalye is far from the centre of our country but music plays a very important role in the life of people. There are many talented musicians whose works are so popular with the population of Zabaikal region.
One of the most popular composers was Leonid Georgievich Averianov. He was born in Chita in 1938. He was fond of music since childhood and his way to real great music began at school age. Averianov showed interest in composing in the club of brass band. In 1961 he finished with honor the Chita Music College. Then he worked in Chita People’s Art Club. He held a review of folk groups and ensembles. Averianov took part in seminars and festivals in Zabaikal region. Leonid Georgievich was awarded a lot of titles, diplomas and decorations for his achievements.
Averianov has composed about 200 songs. What are songs? Pyatnitsky wrote, “The soul of a Russian man is reflected in a song as in the mirror”. His lyric songs are full of emotions which are familiar to everybody who lives in Zabaikalye. All songs by Averianov glorify the beauty of our region and the labor exploits of its people. And Averianov’s songs are loved and sung by a great many people.


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