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Mikhail Pastykh,
a 6 form pupil of Chita school 49,
specializing in English
A teacher of English
Inkina Nina Semyonovna

The population of Chita was stable before the holding of railroad. Visiting officials rarely appeared in the town. They stayed at the homes of friends or in a government flat. Therefore, the city didn’t feel much need for hotels. But that all changed with the arrival of trains to Chita. Guests arrived much. City Administration has required the owners of apartment buildings to provide rooms for cheap hotel rooms. Homeowners understood the advantage of hotel rooms and gladly agreed to the arrangement of rooms.
The very first hotels were situated in wooden buildings near the railway station. The staying in the hotel was cheap because the houses weren’t comfortable.
The first comfortable hotel rooms were opened in 1903. They were basically situated in three-story brick buildings. Also different services were rendered in the hotel. For example: shops, restaurant, snack bar, hairdressing salon, workshops and even a motion picture. There were hotels for foreigners to be more exactly for visitors to earn money. Chinese, Koreans or Japanese stayed there. The board was afforded for forewings.
But also many families of doctors, lawyers, soldiers lived without their own homes in Chita. Especially for them, the government donated flats for rent or gave a "family hotel". They were in downtown, near the place of work. Most hotels were demolished in the last century. New blocks of flats were built on their places. But working life is in the remaining buildings now. City government is situated in one of the former hotels. Hospitals, shops, restaurants, flats, educational institutions are in them now.


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