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Lake Seliger - the Pearl of Russian Nature

Алексей Крауклис
ГБОУ лицей №533
10 класс
Учитель: М. А. Забашта

Lake Seliger is the system of glacial lakes which is a part of Volga basin. Another name of it is Ostashkovskoe. Lake area includes more than 160 islands. The biggest island is Khachin. The area of the basin is 2275 km ². Absolute height is 205 m. An average depth is 5,8m. Seliger takes 110 tributaries (the largest ones are the River Krapivenka, Soroga and Seremuha) but it implies only one river of Selizharovka.The water in the lake is very clear transparent down to five metres.
Ostashkov is the only town on the lake and one of the most popular resorts in central Russia. The first records date back to the 11century. Nilova Pustyn is said to be the spiritual centre of the region.
A huge red-brick church, typical of the eclectic era of Alexander II, with it's abundance of angles, indicates the southern boundary of the Old City. The monastery is known since 1720, the cathedral was built in the 1740s, but now he does not know: after a fire in 1868, the year the monastery was completely rebuilt, and if the outline of the cathedral have guessed the XVIII century, the design - for anything did not think about it. But the fence with a gate is quite old. Cathedral and now operates


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