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ZYABLIKOVO, modern district

Semenkov Dmitry Ivanovich
Semenkov Dmitry Ivanovich,
a teacher of English,
school №2016 Moscow
(A dweller of Zyablikovo)

Zyablikovo is situated in the southern part of Moscow, in the outskirts. It is a modern district with the population of more than 129 thousand people. It is on the first place as the most densely populated district of Moscow. On the territory of Zyablikovo there are 3 metro stations: Krasnogvardeyskaya, Shipilovskaya and Zyablikovo which help its dwellers get to the centre of our capital quickly and easily. The latter two were opened only in 2011. You can find everything in the district which makes our life comfortable: schools, hospitals, shops, sports grounds and cinemas. The mall “Oblaka”, for example, is a very popular place for doing shopping or spending a good time with family and friends.
The district is named after the village of Zyablikovo, formely located to the south of the district, which in 1960s became part of Moscow. The place has a long history. In XII-XII this area was inhabited by Vyatichi. Later in the sixteenth century it belonged to boyare Godunovs. It used to be a tzar garden in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Even now there are lots of apple trees on the territory of Zyablikovo. That`s why an apple and a bird-chaffinch are depicted on the coat of arms.
As for sights, why not have a look at the beautiful Trinity church or go along the main avenue - Musy Dzhalilya street, named after a tatar poet, the hero of the Soviet Union? Maybe you`ll enjoy our small river Gorodnya, where city-dwellers usually go for a walk to rest and feed ducks and ducklings.
So welcome to Zyablikovo, the district for good life and good people!


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