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Mariinsk. Some interesting historical facts.

Назина Арина Александровна
МБНОУ «Городской классический лицей»,
г. Кемерово, Кемеровская область

Mariinsk, located on the river Kiya, is one of the most important historic centers of Kuzbas, which is deservedly called „the museum under the open-skies“. It has a lot of monuments and the unique architecture in “Siberian Baroque” style. Mariinsk buildings are recognizable with intricate wooden carvings on the roofs and fronts, which make the houses look like fairy-tale lodges. The fact that at the beginning of the 20-th century postcards and albums with the views of Mariinsk were popular throughout whole Russia speaks for itself.
The history of this town has lasted for more than 300 years. It is an interesting fact to point, that the town got its name after empress Mariya, the wife of Russian tsar-reformer Alexander II. He was grateful to Maria for bearing him 8 children and her support in complicated times of reforms, so when the merchants of Siberian town Kiisk (that was the town’s former name) referred to the emperor with the request of naming Kiisk in honor of his wife, Alexander made a historical decision at once. On the day when the petition was received, it was Maria’s birthday. So in 1857 Kiisk turned into Mariinsk, perpetuating the name of that great woman. In addition, in 2007 a memorial devoted to Maria was opened there.
Far not every contemporary Siberian city can boast of grand visit of a Russian prince, but Mariinsk can. In summer 1891 the heir of Russian throne Nicolai spent a day in Mariinsk. According to the legend, on that day cunning merchants put on the best satin scarlet shirts and acted as common boat-men to show the wealth of the region to Nicolai.
By the way, Mariinsk set up the absolute world record in harvest of potatoes in 1942 year. This little town in the heart of Siberia must never be underrated or forgotten.


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