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Street Lamps of Saint Petersburg

Сорокина Анастасия
Санкт-Петербург, 7 класс,
ГБОУ школа-интернат №49.
Учитель - Кацанда Е.Н.

Saint Petersburg is unimaginable without street lamps.They have become habitual and sometimes the street lamp is considered the symbol of the city.Their soft glow and aristocratic design give the city its unique beauty. St.Petersburg was the first Russian city with regular street lighting.And its street lamps were the most beautiful in the world gracefully shaped and decorated with copper flowers and petals.
The first several dozens of street lamps were lit on 23 November 1706 on the nearest of Peter and Paul Fortress streets to celebrate the victory of the Russian troops over Swedish outside Kalisz.The permanent lamps were installed on the streets in 1718.The first 600 heavy cast iron street lamps,which burned hempseed oil,were fixed upon white and blue striped wooden poles.The street light was dim and pale at that time.The passers by were afraid of going nearby as the splashes of hot oil could spoil clothers and they were dangerous.Oil lamps had been illuminating the streets for over 140 years.Gradually striped poles disappeared from the streets and they were replaced by lacy cast iron fixtures,Lamps on granite bases appeared on some bridges.
In the middle of XIX century gas was used for street lamps.In 1839 the first 204 gas lamps were installed to lighten Palace Square and some central streets.They were brighter than oil lamps.
Due to the gas lamps St.Petersburg acquired that special mystical unreal lighting that made it famous as a ghostly town.Later kerosene was used for the lights.
In 1879 the first electric lamps were lit on Liteiniy Bridge and in 1883 32 street lamps provided electric lighting on Nevskiy Prospect.The electricity era had come-the time of cheap,bright and environmentally-friendly lighting. Time passed,the insides of the lamps changed,but the aesthetic of the true St.Petersburg streetlight remained just as Peter the First had conceived it.


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