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Игнатова Надежда Юрьевна,
учитель английского языка МОУ
« СОШ им. Р.Г. Карманова»
Республика Коми, Усть - Куломский район,
с. Усть - Нем
Губко Анастасия Андреевна,
ученица 8 класса МОУ «СОШ им. Р.Г. Карманова»

Being in captivity by a forest - dweller Last year I have read an interesting story that happened more than hundred years ago in our native village Lebyachsk. Once a 17 year old girl went to the forest to collect cowberries with her friends. She collected much cowberries and didn`t notice somebody coming to her.Suddenly she was catched by it. She was afraid and lost her consciousness. Soon she saw a very big forest-dweller eating his meal. He gave her some food. But she wanted to eat prapared food. A forest- dweller was to able to make a fire with a steel. Soon her meal was ready. A forest - dweller escorted her to a brook to drink some water.Then he locked the girl into his hole. The girl couldn`t stand how nasty he smelled.She wanted to be free and escaped twice .But the forest-dweller had extraordinary nose for her and followed in the tracks of the girl. After that he beat her and locked the girl into his hole again.Once the girl decided to go home and she collected drowsy plants. She made a drink of this plants and treated him.A forest - dweller drank it. Soon he was sleeping.The girl run away . Suddenly she heard the dog belling and a hunter come towards her. He escorted her to her family. Some men wanted to catch a forest - dweller and went to the forest.But there were nobody there.The girl`s fatner build a new house for his daugther. Nobody wanted to merry her and she lived allone and felt unhappy.


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